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If your involved in one of the following businesses you understand the need to have the right tools and equipment to insure safety and high levels of productivity. Let the customer focused team at  the Ladder Safety Company create a competitive safety and productivity advantage for your company !

Easi - Dec systems deliver on this mission and are designed specifically for : 

Roofers - Gutter Installers -  Carpenters - Electricians - Painters - Siding Installers - Sign Companies - Lighting Companies  - Window Companies - Solar Panel Installers - Municipal Inspectors - Etc.

Let's face it ... working at any height from a ladder offers inherent risk and without exception slows the work effort exponentially. Traditional scaffolding helps solve some of the issues associated with ladders. However,scaffolding presents its own issues when it comes to portability and set up time.

Our Easi-Dec  product offers a practical solution for a host of commercial construction and maintenance efforts that are traditionally supported by ladders and or scaffolding. 

Easi-Dec provides your team  with what OSHA refers to as a safe access work platform at height. .  The base system integrates a  6 1/2 foot  work platform, tailored to two workers, with  your  OSHA  approved extension ladder to create  an adjustable safe access work platform that is stable and fully certified to a platform height of  18 feet. Optional Legs can create a platform height of 22 feet.  

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